Saturday, May 22, 2004


In the mating game, men are known to be visual in their search of mate. Physical beauty of women reflects biological health and youthfulness, which are strongly related to fertility status. Mating is about reproduction. Men are seeking fertile mates. For those who do not care about such fertility status, they would be losers in evolution.

The following are quote from a relationship forum:

redchild888 wrote:
I think many guys are dating women who are older than themselves; but don't know it.

TBNYC wrote:
That's a good one.

claretmoon8 wrote:
Yeah, but not for the guy who's been duped....smack that ass

redchild888 wrote:
that would go to show that it wasnt that relevent; if he couldnt tell, hmm? Smack that azz back twice.

Many women often falsely advertise their age younger than their actual age. They know that men are looking for younger women.

No wonder men become shallow. Don't trust women's words about their age. If she looks youthful and pretty, then she is young and healthy. If her face is full of wrinkle and looks old, she is old. Trust your eyes, not words. To produce your offspring successfully, you have to be visual.

In the game of mating, honesty is the first victim for both sex as described in my previous post.

Who dares to chanllenge conventional view or genius could become anothergenius.