Thursday, April 22, 2004


Yeah, nothing will impress a girl more than "I used to be hooked on heroin but now I'm clean." Is total honesty the best policy? The truth is somewhere between total honesty and lie about every thing.

If you believe evolution psychology, you should not expect total honesty during dating game. If you read book`SEX, A NATURAL HISTORY', honesty is the first victim of dating game. Our barbaric ancestors tried to get best mate with whatever means they could just like winning a battle. Man wearing fake Rolex, expensive cloth even though he is not wealthy is form of dishonesty or deceit. Women using makeup or cosmetic surgery can be considered to advertise falsely her fertility status. Bottom-line is we all dishonest or deceiving. But spectrum is different. Every body have different standard as for what is acceptable. Mild form of dishonesty list above are generally considered acceptable. Lying about criminal history, etc is not acceptable. Line was drawn by individuals. One thing for sure, total honesty without politically correctness like skill or savvy will get you nowhere in dating game. It is just like job application. You need to cover up your weakness and emphasize your strength to get hired by your future spouse.

However, we often expect our future mate to be total honest. So dating is also like a detective work to find out truth, especially flaws. We really want to reject defected mate when we ask for honesty.

Confession is sure way to get convicted.

Do you want to be rejected or less competitive?

Who dares to chanllenge conventional view or genius could become anothergenius.