Thursday, April 08, 2004


Economist had this article called `One country one system ' which attacks Chinese government's promise `One country two systems' for Hong Kong special zone. The report is only partially true. It is still one country two systems. The title is misleading and distorted. Hong Kong basically inherited British style rule. I.E. the governor is never elected but appointed by master country (Britain in past, China now). Part of delegates in council are selected by master country (in this case, China). Every thing is the same except master country. British never gave full democracy to Hong Kong because people would have voted Brits out in no time. China is only replacing Brits as rulers without basic change. Hong Kong is still capitalist system with partial democracy. Yet, western reporters often neglect the truth only to smear China. China simply does exactly what British did before. Yet, China got attacked by western media. Why?

Here are several possible explanations:
1. Benign reason because of ignorance or lazy report due to lack of historical knowledge.
2. Sinister reason because of racial prejudice.
3. Motivated by other hidden agenda.
4. Other reasons unknown yet.

For number one reason, well, reporter's credibility is in question. For other reasons, readers should be immune to such manipulation for unspoken motivation. Unfortunately, most people will never know what they get. Whatever motivation or reasons behind this report only leads to further antagonism to Chinese government which really did not do any thing different from British Government.

Who dares to chanllenge conventional view or genius could become anothergenius.