Friday, May 14, 2004


If some one is exploiting others intellectual work, if some one is manipulating situation to take advantage of others, how do you respond?

For some one you like or have sympathy with, you would say `Yeah, she (or he) is so smart. She (or he) knows how to take advantage to survive'

For some one you dislike, you would say `he (or she) is such bad person to steal others work' `He is evil exploiter'

Such biased and judgmental opinions can be seen daily around us. The same deed is judged differently. Such bias can be applied to a person, a group of person, or a nation, depending on your prejudice who you like and don't like. Even among my best friends, such inconsistent remarks can be heard often. The same person can give statements like, `Why does this factory violate copy-right stealing intellectual properties of other's invention' or `She is damn smart to manipulate the situation to do less, let other doing more, use other people's brains and protect herself'. Such statements reflect the same essential about exploiting others work. But the responses are quite different.

People apply double standards intentionally or unintentionally. Intentional bias is simply evil and manipulative. I believe majority apply double standards unintentionally because majority do not possess the intellectual powers or sensitivity to realize their biased subconscious mind. This also explained most people of higher IQ are more than often law-abiding and capable of fairness though there are some smart criminals. You really need to think and double check your opinion of potential violating fairness in order to prevent bias and prejudice. Constant self-exam and looking into your own mind objectively are critical for fairness. People who live long in civilized environment might have better chance of such fair judgment because their behavior have been shaped by laws and developed sensitivity to fairness over long time. Law-abiding behavior is product of civilization. To low IQ criminals, or smart barbarians, fairness or law-abiding behaviors are joke to be laughed at. Unfair actions and lack of tolerance are often the cause of conflicts

In my earlier posts about double standard and dynamics in human relation, ugly human nature (or animal nature) is our unfair mind against humanitarian value.

Humanity idealism and animal barbarism. To be on the left and right side of this equation is the question we all need to answer ourselves. We human are mostly somewhere between humanity idealism and animal barbarism with left or right tendencies.

Who dares to chanllenge conventional view or genius could become anothergenius.