Thursday, May 20, 2004

Roman Britannia map vs England map

England map matches that of Roman Britannia map.

This is not coincident. This raises the strong possibility that English are descendents of Roman recruits over centuries Roman occupation.

On history channel, excavation at ancient Roman Britain Fortress revealed evidence that a lot of Roman Soldier recruits were from Holland regions.

Another site shows similar evidence from archeology:

Archaeological evidence indicates there were Germanic troops in what became England well before the fifth century.23 The Romans used auxiliary troops from all over the world to provide garrisons for their military installations. Thus from Roman records, we know that German troops were stationed on Hadrians wall. These troops did not leave identifiable artifacts because they were issued Roman equipment. By the fourth century, the Romans were enlisting Germanic troops under their own leaders with their own equipment. Artifacts show that Germanic troops were guarding towns and roads in England from the fourth century on. Much of the pottery that identifies Germanic people has been found along the Saxon Shore where it appears auxiliary troops were stationed. Cremation cemeteries have been found that date from before the end of Roman rule in Britain. These early cemeteries are generally concentrated near Roman towns, forts or transportation routes. Their location pattern is similar to that of a wheel made pottery decorated in Saxon styles called Romano-Saxon ware. This pottery was apparently made by British potterers for the Germanic trade.24

Who dares to chanllenge conventional view or genius could become anothergenius.