Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Arranged marriage

Arranged marriage is obviously unique human invention. It is mating arranged by third party. All animals go through natural courting and mating process except some human society. Only domesticated animals do not have much chance for such natural process because human controls their reproduction and selects straits desirable for human not for animals themselves. It is selective breeding controlled by human. Domesticated animals might well have lost their courtship skills. Of course, slavery treats human like domesticated animal. However, slavery in history never was long enough to make such impact on our human biology.

Arranged marriage is selective breeding for human. We human are subject of selective breeding. Match makers and parents are the breeders. Young couples are selected together by pure calculating intellectual process. Such arranged marriage or selective breeding of human are only exist in well-developed society or civilization. Arranged marriage should be considered as civilized product. In primitive society, tremendous amount of time and energy are spent on natural courting rituals like dancing, socializing, ect. In modern societies, such rituals are transformed into nightclubs, parties, other social gathering with such courtship and mating potentials.

However, in certain societies, I suspect, long civilized history with arranged marriage (human breeding) have deemed their citizens weak in natural courtship skills. In a way, they are inadequate in such natural skills like domesticated animals compared to wild animals. Such highly civilized people will be at loss when they are thrown back to natural dating and courtship environment. In such societies, abandon of match making and arranged marriage might not be good idea in the name of freedom. This might explain the weak romantic or courtship skills observed in some East Asians living in West. Maybe, arranged marriage is better idea for them.

Even in China, ethnic minorities living at peripheries of Chinese territory have better dating skill than that of ethnic Han. Such observation further supported that civilized history suppress such natural or primitive (depend on how you perceive)mating skill.

People are products of their long society and history. Their way of life and social organization should be compatible with psychological profile which might have been shaped by genetic traits as result of evolution. Blind applications of morale value, social structure, political believes and way of life from one society to another often lead to disastrous consequence.

Such disastrous or harmful consequence can be seen daily around world. So there is no absolute idea about what is good or bad. It is about what is working for you. If you are good at courtship and romance, you should find love on your own. If you are weak in romantic skill, yet strong in other aspects as civilized citizen, arranged marriage might not be bad thing for you.

Who dares to chanllenge conventional view or genius could become anothergenius.