Monday, July 03, 2006


Value is the question of all human talents and every thing in market economy (capitalism). Market force is determinant factor of value. There is value for IQ, height, physical attractiveness, muscular strength. In capitalistic society, no one can artificially decide IQ or Education worth more than height or physical attractiveness. Mental ability worth some thing, but non human object like property also worth a lot of money too. If height or pretty faces needed by market (despite of stupidity), then height or pretty faces sell. The mistake of left wing idealist is to try to determined value of every thing in the world by rationale thinking in stead of market force (which is not controlled by human logic). Communists and socialists are making mistake here.

It is market-force that rule. As long as some thing is needed by others, that thing has value. If some thing is not needed by any one, the thing become worthless. Sale people can make a worthless thing to an ignorant customer into some thing valuable by creating need through fear, education, or even lies.

Who dares to chanllenge conventional view or genius could become anothergenius.