Friday, August 29, 2008

Olympic medals and team work

Olympic medal counts show China weak at team sports like basketball or soccer. My speculation is that such team sport is really skill of hunter-gatherers.

Hunter-gatherers small tribes are likely good at intuitive cooperation as small team without leadship. Societies with recent hunter-gatherers history is possilbly good at such `team' sports.

People with long civilized history will be weak at `hunter-gatherer' team work without obvious leadership. This kind of `team ' work need spontaneous or intuitive cooperation.

However, larger team work involving over thousands people needs leadership hierarchical control. People of long civilized history like China will domniate, as shown in opening ceremony.

Spontaneous cooperation only work for small team or tribes, not for large organized empire.

Also it is also true for army. Huge organized army is strong for civilized people. Hunter-gather society is only good for small raiding party.

Who dares to chanllenge conventional view or genius could become anothergenius.