Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Solar energy and biofeul

Biofuel is solar energy essentially. Corn or crops on the fertile land convert solar energy into carbohydrate through photosynthesis. Then carbohydrate is converted into biofeul through fermentation. Efficiency of solar energy as biofuel is doubtful compared to direct solar panel since each steps have inherited energy loss. Biofuel needs farming machines of burning diesel, which further subtract energy generated.

Biofuel is like burning food for car with bad efficiency. Reduced food output only lead to high food price and starvation on the earth.

However, solar energy from desert is perfect. Solar panel will produce more energy in desert than fertile land since desert has few cloudy day. Efficiency of desert solar energy should be better than biofuel. Solar energy is converted into electricity which is most useful energy form.

Who dares to chanllenge conventional view or genius could become anothergenius.