Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Arranged marriage

Arranged marriage is obviously unique human invention. It is mating arranged by third party. All animals go through natural courting and mating process except some human society. Only domesticated animals do not have much chance for such natural process because human controls their reproduction and selects straits desirable for human not for animals themselves. It is selective breeding controlled by human. Domesticated animals might well have lost their courtship skills. Of course, slavery treats human like domesticated animal. However, slavery in history never was long enough to make such impact on our human biology.

Arranged marriage is selective breeding for human. We human are subject of selective breeding. Match makers and parents are the breeders. Young couples are selected together by pure calculating intellectual process. Such arranged marriage or selective breeding of human are only exist in well-developed society or civilization. Arranged marriage should be considered as civilized product. In primitive society, tremendous amount of time and energy are spent on natural courting rituals like dancing, socializing, ect. In modern societies, such rituals are transformed into nightclubs, parties, other social gathering with such courtship and mating potentials.

However, in certain societies, I suspect, long civilized history with arranged marriage (human breeding) have deemed their citizens weak in natural courtship skills. In a way, they are inadequate in such natural skills like domesticated animals compared to wild animals. Such highly civilized people will be at loss when they are thrown back to natural dating and courtship environment. In such societies, abandon of match making and arranged marriage might not be good idea in the name of freedom. This might explain the weak romantic or courtship skills observed in some East Asians living in West. Maybe, arranged marriage is better idea for them.

Even in China, ethnic minorities living at peripheries of Chinese territory have better dating skill than that of ethnic Han. Such observation further supported that civilized history suppress such natural or primitive (depend on how you perceive)mating skill.

People are products of their long society and history. Their way of life and social organization should be compatible with psychological profile which might have been shaped by genetic traits as result of evolution. Blind applications of morale value, social structure, political believes and way of life from one society to another often lead to disastrous consequence.

Such disastrous or harmful consequence can be seen daily around world. So there is no absolute idea about what is good or bad. It is about what is working for you. If you are good at courtship and romance, you should find love on your own. If you are weak in romantic skill, yet strong in other aspects as civilized citizen, arranged marriage might not be bad thing for you.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Aspirin and breast cancer

New study indicates that aspirin can reduce risk of hormone sensitive breast cancer.

...aspirin and NSAIDs as chemopreventive agents against breast cancer, particularly among postmenopausal women. The mechanisms are probably distinct from those that are protective against gastrointestinal tract cancers

Again, this drug and NSAIDS provide preventive action against another disease (breast cancer in postmenopausal women) related to aging. It would not be surprised to find out even more other aging related diseases which could be prevented by aspirin.

Monday, May 24, 2004

English hates anger

Listen to John Cleese

Or you can listen to John cleese right here.

He said: `English is very uncomfortable with is certianly to do with English family, more than British family. They hate anger.....They regard it as loss of face....They found it very difficult to express it. So they got pushed around a little bit... They dont complaint it well, so they got bad service......'

There are so many evidencs supporting my previous post about English.

Saturday, May 22, 2004


In the mating game, men are known to be visual in their search of mate. Physical beauty of women reflects biological health and youthfulness, which are strongly related to fertility status. Mating is about reproduction. Men are seeking fertile mates. For those who do not care about such fertility status, they would be losers in evolution.

The following are quote from a relationship forum:

redchild888 wrote:
I think many guys are dating women who are older than themselves; but don't know it.

TBNYC wrote:
That's a good one.

claretmoon8 wrote:
Yeah, but not for the guy who's been duped....smack that ass

redchild888 wrote:
that would go to show that it wasnt that relevent; if he couldnt tell, hmm? Smack that azz back twice.

Many women often falsely advertise their age younger than their actual age. They know that men are looking for younger women.

No wonder men become shallow. Don't trust women's words about their age. If she looks youthful and pretty, then she is young and healthy. If her face is full of wrinkle and looks old, she is old. Trust your eyes, not words. To produce your offspring successfully, you have to be visual.

In the game of mating, honesty is the first victim for both sex as described in my previous post.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Roman Britannia map vs England map

England map matches that of Roman Britannia map.

This is not coincident. This raises the strong possibility that English are descendents of Roman recruits over centuries Roman occupation.

On history channel, excavation at ancient Roman Britain Fortress revealed evidence that a lot of Roman Soldier recruits were from Holland regions.

Another site shows similar evidence from archeology:

Archaeological evidence indicates there were Germanic troops in what became England well before the fifth century.23 The Romans used auxiliary troops from all over the world to provide garrisons for their military installations. Thus from Roman records, we know that German troops were stationed on Hadrians wall. These troops did not leave identifiable artifacts because they were issued Roman equipment. By the fourth century, the Romans were enlisting Germanic troops under their own leaders with their own equipment. Artifacts show that Germanic troops were guarding towns and roads in England from the fourth century on. Much of the pottery that identifies Germanic people has been found along the Saxon Shore where it appears auxiliary troops were stationed. Cremation cemeteries have been found that date from before the end of Roman rule in Britain. These early cemeteries are generally concentrated near Roman towns, forts or transportation routes. Their location pattern is similar to that of a wheel made pottery decorated in Saxon styles called Romano-Saxon ware. This pottery was apparently made by British potterers for the Germanic trade.24

Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Anglo-Saxons are most likely descendants of Roman recruits from continent. Not like some people imagined some kind of brutal aggressive invaders. Because of such selective recruits, English are famous for civility among all Europeans. They have the best anger control and least confrontational (except soccer hooligans). They are least emotional and also most obedient Caucasians. In other word, English are the most introverted people among all Europeans. Typical English dislike anger. They consider anger as disgrace. Such incredible civilized behaviors are result of selection by Roman commanders. At end, they are even more `civilized' than the original countries.

Certainly, most Barbarians have anger control problems.

Friday, May 14, 2004


If some one is exploiting others intellectual work, if some one is manipulating situation to take advantage of others, how do you respond?

For some one you like or have sympathy with, you would say `Yeah, she (or he) is so smart. She (or he) knows how to take advantage to survive'

For some one you dislike, you would say `he (or she) is such bad person to steal others work' `He is evil exploiter'

Such biased and judgmental opinions can be seen daily around us. The same deed is judged differently. Such bias can be applied to a person, a group of person, or a nation, depending on your prejudice who you like and don't like. Even among my best friends, such inconsistent remarks can be heard often. The same person can give statements like, `Why does this factory violate copy-right stealing intellectual properties of other's invention' or `She is damn smart to manipulate the situation to do less, let other doing more, use other people's brains and protect herself'. Such statements reflect the same essential about exploiting others work. But the responses are quite different.

People apply double standards intentionally or unintentionally. Intentional bias is simply evil and manipulative. I believe majority apply double standards unintentionally because majority do not possess the intellectual powers or sensitivity to realize their biased subconscious mind. This also explained most people of higher IQ are more than often law-abiding and capable of fairness though there are some smart criminals. You really need to think and double check your opinion of potential violating fairness in order to prevent bias and prejudice. Constant self-exam and looking into your own mind objectively are critical for fairness. People who live long in civilized environment might have better chance of such fair judgment because their behavior have been shaped by laws and developed sensitivity to fairness over long time. Law-abiding behavior is product of civilization. To low IQ criminals, or smart barbarians, fairness or law-abiding behaviors are joke to be laughed at. Unfair actions and lack of tolerance are often the cause of conflicts

In my earlier posts about double standard and dynamics in human relation, ugly human nature (or animal nature) is our unfair mind against humanitarian value.

Humanity idealism and animal barbarism. To be on the left and right side of this equation is the question we all need to answer ourselves. We human are mostly somewhere between humanity idealism and animal barbarism with left or right tendencies.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Inflammatory process and aging.

In my previous post, Aspirin and aging, I hypothesize inflammation in the aging process.

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is an aging disease. Aspirin can reduce the incidence of Alzheimer's disease. So it is possible that inflammation is involved in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease.

There are recent studies indicating C-reactive protein-like immunoreactivity in the neurofibrillary tangles of Alzheimer's disease (AD). The present results further support an involvement of inflammatory processes in the etiology of AD.

C-reactive protein is elevated in the inflammatory diseases.

So prevention of Alzheimer's disease by aspirin is based on its anti-inflammatory pharmacological mechanism.

Aspirin and Aging

It is well-documented in medical literature that aspirin has many benefits beyond pain control and anti-inflammatory function.

Here are some benefits of aspirin or synthesized acetylsalicylic acid (ASA). It can prevent heart attack by its inhibitory effect on platelets and anti-inflammatory function. Reduced incidences of Alzheimer's disease or senile metal retardation were found in patients with long term usage of high dose of Aspirin. It is also known to reduce the incidence of colon carcinoma. Thus aspirin actually prevent many diseases related to the aging.

Following is some of my thought on aging and aspirin.

It is still unclear about mechanism behind aspirin's anti-aging effect. However, anti-inflammation is main mechanism for aspirin. Based on above anti-aging effect, it make sense that aging might have some thing to do with inflammation. As medical professions know, inflammation is triggered by foreign material, microorganism and breakdown product of host tissue. So aging tissue often generates degenerative debris which might trigger inflammation. The inflammation may in turn cause further tissue damage in brain, colon, etc. Aspirin certain can put a brake on such vicious cycle and slow down the aging process.

Anti-oxidant or reductive drug like vitamin E also reduce inflammation and provide anti-aging effect.

Based on this hypothesis, people should start to use anti-inflammatory drug after age 40 when the aging process starts.


Tuesday, May 11, 2004


It is well known that higher standard (than white students) is applied to Asian students in United States. In many cases, admission standard is also set up higher for Asian student. In southeast Asia, higher standard is set up for ethnic Chinese compared to indigenous southeast Asian majority. As long as you set up tough standard for one group, you apply affirmative action to protect under-performers.

Believe or not, most northeast Asians never complain such affirmative action set up against them to protect majority (whites, blacks, Malaysians etc. ). That means ONLY ABSOLUTE HIGHER IQ NORTH EAST ASIANS CAN SURVIVE. This mechanism in turn will keep absolute top Asians to live and get sexually selected by women. Asians with IQ equal to other ethnic groups will be weeded out because discrimination lead to low SES than average, low chance to attract women. Yes, discrimination is a bless to keep Asian on top in the long run.

Jew might achieve the top IQ due to thousands years of discrimination applied to them. Tough survival condition select top survivors.


Saturday, May 08, 2004

Dynamics of human relationship

If you are devoted Catholic, one day, you run into pope, he gives you a personal bless with mentioning of your name. You will achieve the greatest joy and feel pope is the most loving person in whole world.

In another scenario, a homeless guy on the street, or a humble janitor at your work, gives you a personal bless. You might not achieve the same kind of joy as you get from Pope. Such lowly person has to make extra effort to impress you.

Above stories reflect our biased mind which give different value to different people who perform the same task. Such bias will be reflected in our job hiring, personal relationship, wage difference. Equality has long way to go against our human nature (or precisely animal nature). Such nature is totally against our humanitarian value and intellectual thinking. We might not be immured from such bias. But we might minimize such unfairness by promoting decent morale value, civilized law, intellecutal thinking and ethic education.

In term of personal relationship, people often deny such biased behavior but it is very much so true. For example, if your ideal mate is at least 180 cm, you come cross such 180 cm individual and get romantically involved. Such ideal physic will make every thing else easier because 180 cm person self is gift for you. You will greatly appreciate whatever person did for you right and minimize 180 cm persons fault. Now the love is blind to this person's other defect. The relation becomes much easier. However, if a person is only 160 cm, in normal circumstance, you would never date such individual. However such 160 cm individual possess extraordinary quality otherwise, you might be willing give 160 cm individual an exception with condition attached. The attached condition might be higher demand of personal devotion, achievement, and other extra positive factors to compensate this persons imperfection at height. Such relationship might put extra strain on the less ideal individual. However, the question is about what is ideal. Ideal for one person might be imperfection for other. If you happen to consider 160 cm height is perfect for your mate, this 160 cm person will be like dream coming true for you.

People will put different emphasis on different qualities of person in relationship. Such qualities include height, education, ethnicity's, culture background, wealth or personal achievement, physical beauties, etc. To some, the required quality is not negotiable such as ethnicity or education. Others might be willing to comprise one quality in order to achieve other qualities which carry more important to their believes. However, some qualities are changeable like wealth, education, personal achievement, weight, certain habit; while others are not, like height, racial background, certain physical features.

To achieve happy relationship is to achieve maximum desirable traits. Without compromising too much your own criteria, you should look for the individuals who consider your unchangeable features or qualities as desirable. The relationship with the person who admire your unchangeable features is much easier and happier. You really don't have to make too much effort to make your mate very happy because you are `gift of God' to your mate already. Just like Pope giving personal bless to a Catholic devotee, you are like Pope to your mate. Less work, easier time, higher achievement, happier relationship.

If your unchangeable qualities are less than ideal to your mate, you really have to make extra- and extra- effort to compensate for your `defect'. Be well prepared to face tough time.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

IQ and the Wealth of States

Since the book IQ and the Wealth of Nations published, it has raised an interesting issue regarding nation building. Most politicians and economists have left out IQ factor in their analysis and prediction of nations economical development consciously or unconsciously. People's smartness certainly will have impact on wealth at personal and national level.

However, we should bare in mind that wealth is not a direct measurement of person's smartness. What is wealth? Wealth is a measurement of material possession of a person or nation. Many factors are contributing to the wealth of nation or individual. The factors include natural resource, geographic location, personality, personal philosophy of life, IQ (smartness), non-intellectual talents, and many other more. A talented athlete can make enomous wealth with his athlete talent even though he might not smart. A criminal predator can robe others to achieve his wealth with his criminal morality, aggressiveness and fool-hardiness. A very intelligent professor or PhD might not make money more than a not so smart Taxi driver.

This IQ and wealth of states in America is very interesting. The correlation between GDP per capita and IQ is +0.92. Though authenticity of these data is in question, concentration of Ivy league schools in New England would make sense about possilbe higher IQ in those regions. We all know North and North-East parts of America are strong basis for left-wing or liberal political basis.

Is there any correlation between high IQ and liberal politics? Why are most intellectuals are liberal or left-wing in politics? Most incarcerated criminal are right-wing republicans in America according to movie The Life of David Gale

Such phenomena deserve further analysis.

Saturday, May 01, 2004


Gentlemen are often sophisticated. Gentle, the word itself, mean both belonging to a family of high social station, docile and moderate. The life of high social class often encounter extremely complicated political affair. To survive in such complicated enviroment, gentlemen need political savyness. Thus people who are simple, and only speak of their mind strait will not have good chance to make it. So gentlemen are often very sophisticated.

Sophisticate mean 1 : to alter deceptively; especially : ADULTERATE
2 : to deprive of genuineness, naturalness, or simplicity; especially : to deprive of naïveté and make worldly-wise : DISILLUSION
3 : to make complicated or complex

Who dares to chanllenge conventional view or genius could become anothergenius.